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The Vale Novels

White Fawn-1931 & Lisa Vale-1938
Now Voyager-1941
Home Port-1947
Prouty's search for a title
Integrating the other Vales into the story
Murray's exploits in the final chapters

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Blog . . . . . New topics posted several times a month sporadically. Comments invited.
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Discussion, themes found in the novels

Historical Context . . . . The setting of the novels.
Was Prouty Too Bourgeois and Conventional?
The Persian Kitty
Prouty, Psychology, and Free Will
Prouty, Walt Whitman and Religion

Having fun with Now, Voyager. . . . . . . At the movies
Later Writings. . . . Including some about her experience with Hollywood
and the making of Now, Voyager.
Letters to the Editor: . . . . Prouty's exchanges with her editor at Houghton Mifflin.

Olive Prouty's ideas for Now, Voyager starting to gel
Ferris Greenslet responds to her, point by point
This 1941 letter answers a question that has haunted the readers
Greenslet's sweet note inviting Prouty to lunch
Ferris Greenslet suggests some tweaks to the final scene
Prouty's happy thought for naming the novel
Prouty agrees to terms with Warner Brothers and urges advertising for the book
Greenslet's response to NY Times review
Greenslet's response to Prouty's reaction to NY Times review

Olive Prouty interview . . . . . . . . She discusses her writing process,
character delineation.

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Letter to Houghton Mifflin . . . . urging them to put the Vale novels back in print